STE TOP Sensitivity & Control Code PUBG Mobile


Burenbayar “TOP” Altangerel is a Mongolian player who is currently playing for Godlike Stalwart.

STE TOP Profile

Name:Бүрэнбаяр Алтангэрэл
Romanized Name:Burenbayar Altangerel
Nationality:Mongolia Mongolia
Team:Godlike Stalwart

STE TOP Sensitivity & Control

This is Sensitivity & Control Code, you can use copy & paste in PUBG Mobile.

Update 20 December 2022

Original Code

CONTROL: 7166-0754-4234-3452-930
SENSITIVITY: 7166-0754-4234-3452-929

Backup Code

CONTROL: 7166-0671-0304-1593-998
SENSITIVITY: 7166-0671-0304-1593-997

Enjoy use STE TOP Sensitivity Code & Control Code!

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